Daily Living

On Your Own: A Guide to Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities as an Adult

Via Kansas Bar Association, provides information on various topics regarding legal rights and responsibilities as an adult when living independently. Topics include: drinking, buying and maintaining a vehicle, finding work, being in relationships, housing, credit ratings and reports, health & exercise, identity theft, and voting.

Nutrition, Food Preparation, and Safety

FoodKeeper App (via the FDA): Provides information on understanding proper food and beverage storage and shelf life to maximize the freshness and quality of food items.

Food Safety Basics (via USDA): Provides information on the safety of food handling, cooking, and storage in preventing foodborne illness.

Shelf-Stable Food Safety (via USDA): Provides information on “shelf stable” food safety.

Are You Storing Food Safely? (via the FDA): Provides information on food storage tips to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Home Maintenance

26 'Hacks' That Can Make Cleaning Easier if You Have a Chronic Illness (via The Mighty): Provides tips and accommodations from people with chronic illness to help maintain their home while they battle various symptoms.

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