Service Animals

The ADA and Service Animals

From the Northeast ADA Center, a FAQ sheet about how the ADA defines the term "service animal." 

Fact Sheet: Rights to Assistance Animals in Housing

A fact sheet from Disability Rights California summarizing the rights of people who use assistance animals. 

Paws with a Cause

Paws with a Cause is a nonprofit that trains and places service dogs. 

United States Service Animal Registrar

The United States Service Animal Registrar is the largest service animal registry. Their website explains the benefits of registering and provides animal ID cards for a fee. Third parties can also verify service animal registration at this site. 

Service Animal FAQs

From, this page defines what a service animal is and explains the key features of the ADA service animal provisions in an easy-to-understand Q&A format. 

Service Animal Resource Hub

Provides comprehensive information about living with a service animal, traveling or taking a service animal to work, what to do in emergency situations, and other topics. See Service Animal Resource Hub (via ADA National Network).

ADA Requirements: Service Animals

Provides a brief overview of ADA regulations regarding service animals, distinguishing service dogs from other animals. See ADA Requirements: Service Animals (via U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division).

ADA Service Dog Laws

Provides a useful overview of the ADA regulations regarding service dogs, including the difference between service dogs and emotional support dogs. Discusses dogs only, not other types of animals. See ADA Service Dog Laws (via Service Dog Certifications).

Financial Assistance and Support Services for People with Disabilities

From USA.GOV, programs and tools to help pay for housing, taxes, medical bills, and service animals. 

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